Peter’s Rock

Peter’s Rock

Peter’s Rock, according to Lucy Brusic’s Amidst Cultivated and Pleasant Fields, is the highest point in North Haven at 373 feet above sea level.  It is the result of ancient volcanic activity.  It is an example of the traprock ridgelands in this part of Connecticut. 

In the latter part of the 19th century a camp called the Hermitage was built at its highest point.  It is no longer standing.  A new pavilion at the base of Peter’s Rock has recently been built to mark the entrance to Peter’s Rock Park.  In September 2011, a cupola was added to the pavilion, a reminder of the cupola on the original Hermitage.   The new cupola was designed and built by Walter Brockett.  Walter researched the structure of the original Hermitage using many of the photos from the Historical Society Archives in an effort to recreate this fine addition.

Photos from the North Haven Historical Society Archives:

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  1. Nice job! Hiking there today and looking forward to it.

    Note: Peter’s Rock (then called Rabbit Rock) was a triangulation point with West Rock and the head of Sleeping Giant as part of the 1898 U.S. Geodetic survey.

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