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Membership  in the North Haven Historical Society is open to all interested individuals.  Click on the link below to download the current annual membership form. Fill it out. Send it in. Thanks!!! 2018 annual membership-form

Why join?
Are you the type of person that has a passion for history, especially when that history involves your very own hometown? Do you like to make a difference, even on a small scale? If the answer to these questions is an undeniable YES, then you should become a member of the North Haven Historical Society, which prides itself in both discovering and preserving the lush history of this wonderful place we call home!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why become a member?
    The North Haven Historical Society is a volunteer based organization, and, for it’s success relies on contributions, both of money and/or time and expertise. Members are important!  Volunteers are even more valued. By volunteering you benefit, not only by developing a sense of pride for contributing to something important, but also learn more about and become more vested in your town.
  • What are the requirements to become a member?
    There are no requirements necessary to become a member, and our community is happy to welcome you!
  • What does membership entail exactly?
    Membership entails a small fee of $15.00, and the degree that you would like to be involved is completely up to you! Depending on the person, some people simply pay the membership fee, while others pay the membership fee and volunteer on a weekly basis. Donations are also accepted, though they are in no way mandatory.
  • What is the difference between membership and donation funds?
    Membership funds are used to support the NHHS, whereas donation funds can be used to either further the work of the NHHS or to continue the Furnival Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior at North Haven High School pursuing an academic program related to history or museum studies.