Archives/Information files


North Haven Historical Society and Museums: Archival Collections

  • Collection 1: North Haven Buildings
    Contents: Photos, documents, and data relating to various homes, businesses, and other buildings relevant to the development of North Haven. Arranged by street and number (where possible).
  • Collection 2: Transportation
    Contents: Photos and documents illustrating many aspects of transportation in town, varying from road names to modes of transportation including railroad and trolley information.
  • Collection 3: Organizations
    Contents: Materials relating to various town, civic, and private organizations that played a role in town over the years.
  • Collection 4: Business and Industry
    Contents: Documents, photos, and advertising materials relating to various businesses that existed in town over the years.
  • Collection 5: Brocksieper Collection
    Contents: Materials ranging from photos and correspondence, family history and documents, and the Good Times Gardens. Emma Brocksieper diaries from 1906-1934.
  • Collection 6: Schools and School Records
    Contents: School histories from the earliest days. Selective class photos. School visitors’ reports.
  • Collection 7: Parks and Open Space
    Contents: Materials that document the land, and the development of town parks including documentation on efforts to claim and maintain open space.
  • Collection 8: Recreation and Athletics
    Contents: Photos and other materials documenting the various town-wide athletic and recreational activities.
  • Collection 9: North Haven Libraries
    Contents: Photos, documents, news articles, and related materials highlighting the development and growth of the town’s library system.
  • Collection 10: Natural History
    Contents: Reports and other historical materials describing the land, landforms, and geography/geology of North Haven. Includes weather reports.
  • Collection 11: Celebrations and Amusements
  • Contents: Documents, pamphlets, programs, program memorabilia, etc. showing the various ways that North Haven has celebrated over the years. Includes North Haven Bi-centennial materials.
  • Collection 12: Mayflower Society
    Contents: Materials related to the founding of and subsequent celebrations of the annual Mayflower Banquet dating from 1896. Most programs. Some news articles.
  • Collection 13: H.H. Stiles
    Contents: The papers, business dealings, and correspondence of H.H. Stile
  • Collection 14: North Haven Municipal Development
    Contents: Materials relating to the growth of Town Government and its various agencies. Includes police, fire, and other municipal agencies.
  • Collection 15: Post Office
    Contents: Photos and other documents relating to the development of the postal system in town. Includes material on early postal collection locations, the center post office at its various locations, and the Clintonville and Montowese post offices. Extensive materials from Clintonville Post Office.

In addition, we have a fair-sized collection of documents and other materials relating to select North Haven families and individuals, materials on the Civil War, town maps, and ledgers from select local businesses.

We continue our efforts to organize the materials that we have and will update periodically. Identifying and organizing the archives without the efforts of volunteers Marisa Hexter, Kathy Prentiss, Kathy Gee, Chris Cipriano, and Julie Hulten would be a daunting task indeed. Their efforts are much appreciated!