martha culver notecard 2

Notecards of the Martha Culver House Museum – packs of 5 for $5; 10 for $10


Amidst Cultivated and Pleasant Fields – A history of North Haven by Lucy McTeer Brusic – $15

Apples of Our Eyes – Fruit growing in Connecticut 1891 – 1991 by Lucy McTeer Brusic – $7.50

North Haven In The Revolution by Thomas Pearsall – $10.00

On The Green – A brief history of the Old Center Cemetery by Gloria Furnival – $10.00

Quinnipiac, The Story of a River by Winifred Kotchian – $10.00

Two To Eight – A country childhood when the century was new by Lucille C. Wiedmann – $7.50



John E. Brockett’s Gold Rush Journey by Katharine L. Brown

This is the fascinating story of a young man who ventured west to seek his fortune in the gold fields.  Fortunately for us, his family had the forthought to save his letters home, and they have been transcribed for us to read.  Brown’s connecting text gives context to the letters, providing historical background for the reader.


Voices From A Wilderness Expedition by Stephen Darley

The purpose of this book is to give voices to the brave men of the revolution who made the historic 1775 march through the Maine wilderness with Benedict Arnold to attack Quebec and conquer Canada.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon


The Battle of Valcour Island by Stephen Darley

The Battle of Valcour Island tells the story of a battle that has been described as “so decisive that it changed the timing of the Battle of Saratoga, and by implication, the course and outcome of the war.”  Steve also describes the participants and naval vessels in his book by referencing pension applications, memoirs, journals, letters and newspaper articles.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon


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