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Solomon Linsley was a Civil War veteran and well known builder in North Haven.  He constructed Memorial Town Hall, as well as many of the Victorian homes in North Haven’s center block.  His carpenter’s box is on display at the North Haven Historical Society; it is a large trunk, most plain and unremarkable on the outside, but with a fabulously ornate interior.  Any craftsman today would appreciate the skill demonstrated in the decoration and tools of his work box.

town hall builder Solomon Linsley

Grace Dickerman

Grace was an (almost!) lifelong resident of North Haven – she lived to see 101 years before dying in the 1980s.   Except for 18 months as an infant, she lived her entire life in her childhood home  at 99 Broadway, now the Leasing Office for Ardenwood.  Below is a news clipping highlighting the details of her long life; it is included in our archives at the Historical Society.

grace dickerman

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