Pierpont Homestead

The house at 29 State Street is a Georgian Colonial built in 1785 by Stephen Jacobs.  He was a cabinetmaker whose family had been early settlers in the southern part of North Haven.  The road originally curved at that point to a ford across the river, explaining why it does not presently face State Street.  The driveway of the house covers the approximate site of the old road.
The property was bought around 1809 by Daniel Pierpont, also a cabinetmaker, who then purchased the “common land” down to the bridge.  The Town reserved a pentway 1.5 rods wide which was to be a public right-of-way to the river.  In 1846 Daniel Pierpont built a small addition to the rear of the house, and rebuilt the east wall of the cellar and the east chimney.  The shed type addition followed later, as did the roofs over the State Street door and the front entrance.
Daniel Pierpont was one of North Haven’s leading citizens.  He was our representative in the General Assembly for five terms, and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in Hartford.  He was also a Town Clerk and Justice of the Peace for many years.  Daniel’s son Rufus bought half the house from his father.  Two years later he started a store next door, which remained in business for the next 100 years.
The Pierpont Homestead and Store were the center of life at the Pines Bridge in North Haven; this is where many small businesses and mills were located in the 18th and 19th centuries.  It is now a local historic district.



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