Martha Culver House

The Martha Culver House, constructed in 1857 of North Haven brick, was once the home of Martha Culver. Martha’s father, Ammi Culver, owned a brickyard on the banks of the nearby Quinnipiac River.  After being married briefly to Frank Smith, Martha divorced, and after travelling extensively, she lived the rest of her life in this home.  This public-spirited benefactress willed it to the town in 1925.

The Martha Culver Library and Plaza at 290 Quinnipiac Avenue houses the Historical Society’s Brockett collection of North Haven artifacts and farming tools as well as other permanent exhibits. It also serves as a center for the Society’s educational activities and houses a library and other materials. Each year the town’s third grade classes visit the Martha Culver House.  During summer months, the house and museum are open to visitors.

The Martha Culver House offers a unique opportunity for members to share in the development of a new museum.  The building recently underwent a study to determine any structural deficits, and the first phase of repairs were made, making the building safe for occupancy.  Future plans include upgrades to heating and electrical systems and interior restoration.

For more information about the Martha Culver House, please visit the North Haven Historical Society Headquarters at 27 Broadway.  Our library files can provide you with more information and photos of Martha Culver and her home.

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