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The house at 29 Washington Avenue, remaining essentially unchanged since construction, was demolished June 2, 2015. It was built by Bertha Bannell Squires & Frank Clifford Squires in 1896.

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Here they raised their children Mabel Edith (1897-1999), Martha Margaret (1899-?), George Henry (1905-1990), Edna Bannell (1900-?), Frank Randall (1912 – 1915), and Sherman Ramsey (1916-2011).

Richard Mansfield reports that he used to play at the Squires’ a lot. They used to enjoy “Grandma” Squire’s big attic. Richard used to get into their chicken coop way down in back.

Mabel Squires was born in 1897 in North Haven, and died here in 1999. She was 102. She had hoped to live in 3 centuries but missed it by days, dying on December 23. One set of reminiscences report that she made jokes about North Haven events, a characteristic that carried into her senior years. She was a mischievous child, putting a wax head doll on the stove and climbing down into the ditch being dug for the water line on Washington Avenue. After attending business school, she eventually became secretary to the president of the New Haven Savings Bank, commuting by trolley.

Sherman Squires was born in 1916. His third grade report card (1928-1929) indicates he was generally an A/B student, except in the 2nd quarter of that year when he barely passed Physical Education. First and fourth quarter of that year he had perfect attendance. His ‘habits and attitudes’ were exemplary. He graduated in 1938 from Yale with a degree in chemistry. He retired from the CT Agricultural Station in New Haven. He sang with the Glee Club, performed as a bellringer and was an avid climber and photograph, as well as an accomplished pianist.

Their grandfather, Obed Squires, invented the ‘shoe last’. He was Selectman in North Haven and also served as a State Representative.

Obed Squires
Obed Squires

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