Frank C. Squires House

frank c. squires house

Who were the Squires? 

The Frank C. Squires House, located on lower Washington Avenue, was built in 1896 by Solomon Linsley, North Haven’s most prominent architect / builder. It was built for Frank Squires, and the Squires family lived in it for more than a century, until its sale in 2010. It was one of the later houses built by Linsley (who died in 1901) and shows design elements of the Arts and Crafts movement, rather than the Eastlake style more often associated with the builder.

Architecturally, the house makes an important contribution to its immediate area, which was once populated by fine large nineteenth century homes. Unfortunately, most of these homes have been demolished or radically remodeled beyond recognition. The Squires House possesses a considerable amount of its original features, however, and therefore provides us with a glimpse of what the neighborhood looked like 120 years ago. Some of its notable details include stained glass, a built-in window seat and china cabinet, double doors between front and back parlors, an octagonal bay window, and spectacular wood fretwork. Despite the passage of time, it remains a very handsome home.


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