Special Collections of Letters in Our Collection

Bishop Collection

  • Letters from Utah from emigrant daughter, etc.

Brockett Collection

  • Letters from California during the gold rush with transportation via Horn. Letters from Home, written by sister, mother, and father.

Heaton Collection

  • Letters to North Haven from Isaac, schoolteacher, in Indiana 1820s, James, sailor, from a ship bound for South America, Susannah wide of a trader from New York State and another generation Charles from California gold rush 1850s, and James, brick maker, from Iowa.

Mansfield Collection

  • To Laura Stiles Mansfield 1787-1879 from sister Eunice Stiles Brooks, locations include Wallingford, North Haven, New Haven, Butternuts, New York, dated 1816-1850.
  • Sina Stiles to sister Laura in North Haven 1808, 5 letters.

World War I Collection

  • (Coming Soon)