Recollections and Letters in Our Collection

Dick Brockett (b. 1910) of Arrowdale Road. Written in 1987-1994, 60 pages total.

  • The Way it Used to Be, or the Good Old Days 16 pages, 1987.
  • Memories 3 pages, 1992
  • Relatives: Ed and Lena Mansfield, Isaac and Mamie Mansfield, Bethuel Brockett.
  • Grandmother (Susan Heaton) Brockett
  • Warren Took a Tumble: Dad’s Hand was Pinned Under a Tree; Blood Donner (Dick) 2 pages each.
  • Local; Town Line Markers; Barnes Quarries; Fourth of July Bon Fire (in the 30s and 40s); The ’38 Hurricane; Neubig’s Barn Fire 1961; Skating (Ponds located); Old Red House 2 pages each.
  • Farm Subjects: Farm Horses; Silos; Our Barn; The Cement Barn Yard; The Windmill; Building-Remodeling; Trees; One Tree Hill; Green Pasture Award 2 pages each
  • Pets, 4 pages.

Dud (Edna Elizabeth Dudley) Brockett (b 1909) (Mrs. Dick)

  • Biography 2 pages

Key words: Living in Saybrook and Essex CT., relatives, only telephone, early delivery truck of Father’s, UCONN, Brockett’s peach orchard in North Haven.

Frank Brockett (b 1871) lived in the North Hill area.

  • Recollections of North Haven written 1944 in Cambridge, New York, 29 pages.

Key words: Farming, food storage and description of crops, house and cellar descriptions.

Hobart Brockett (1875-1966) Arrowdale Road and Texas.

  • North Hill as Was, written 1927, 6 pages.
  • The Old Red House, written in 1940, 6 pages.

William Carroll, The Rev. lived 1930-1958 at Congregational Parsonage.

  • Some Recollections of an Extended Ministry written in 1975 typed, 23 pages.

Key words: Information on the 1930s to 1950s.

Lucy Chapman (Mrs. Joseph) (1895-1962) Letters to son, Tracy enlisted in Navy 1930s.

Bertha (Robinson) Eaton (1862-1948) Mrs. Theophilus Eaton of Montowese.

  • History of Montowese, written 1931, 3 pages, typed.

Key words: History of its origin, name, development, residents, businesses, houses, and socials.

Grace Gardner (1913-1987) of Ridge Road area.

  • North Haven CT, for Young North Haveners, published in 1980. Ride around town 1948 included.

Robert Goodyear, Dr. (1835-1923) of State Street and Washington Avenue.

  • When I Was a Boy written c. 1917, 3 pages
  • My Dear Friend, letter re Civil War 1863. A Doctor Carried an Ax nsp. Article 2 pages.

Key words: Early school memories, games and surroundings.

Albert A. Hyde (1842-1924) lived on Broadway.

  • A Short Account of My Prison Life During the Civil War written in 1909, 7 pages.

Lucy (d. 1921) Solomon Linsley (1830-1901) lived on Maple Avenue. During the Civil Warm Lucy’s took a trip to South Carolina to see husband. Written pages Solomon’s letters to Lucy.

Merriman Mansfield (1862-1948) of Shawmut Avenue, Center.

  • Mills I Remember (Locations)  ¼ page
  • Brick Making observed, 3 pages
  • Watching a Blacksmith: Hauling Wood with Grandmother Mansfield 2 pages
  • Farm I Remember from 1920, lists districts, 3 pages
  • Locations of Business in 1927 Directory 3 pages
  • Things I Remember about Ice Harvesting 2 pages
  • Cider Mills I Remember

Marion Perry (1897-2000) Lived on Broadway, Center.

  • Out into the World After Graduation, June 1913 to December 1977, 14 pages.

Esther Shepard Rice (b 1869) as a child lived on Upper State Street.

  • From 3 to 13 (1872-1885) written in 1937, 37 pages.

Key words: Household information, chores, attitude, flower garden, relatives, a wedding.

Boardman Smith (1838-1922) lived in Clintonville and on Upper State Street.

  • Recollections, written 1920, 29 pages typed

Key words: Boyhood adventures, sleighing, etc.

Louie (Lewis Anthony) Sonazzaro (1898-1990) of Elm Street, Center.

  • Paintings, 2 cartoons of North Haven people.
  • Memories 1 page.

Kenneth Robert Stephens (1904-1994) of Clintonville and Maine.

  • Recollections of Clintonville and map drawn in 1978.

Sheldon Thorpe (1838-1924) mainly living on Washington Avenue.

  • Addresses to School Children 1923, Memorial Day, Church, Mayflower Society addresses. (Weidmann biographical- 5 pages.)

Albert Tulk (1899-1988) Norwalk, CT. and Upper State Street, photos.

  • Autobiography, written 1985- 150 pages.

Key words: Art career, African adventures, North Haven.

Lucille (Copple) Weidmann Book “Two to Eight a Country Childhood: When the Century was New.” And genealogical information/material.

  • Book “Two to Eight a Country Childhood: When the Century was New.” And genealogical information/material.

Originally Compiled by Gloria Furnival