Diaries in our Collection

Hannah Heaton (1721-1794) lived in Montowese. Diaries 1752 to 1793. In a notebook, typed 435 pages.

Key words: Religious convictions, family relationships, independent women during the Colonial/Revolutionary Era.

A book about Heaton was published by Barbara Lacey in 2003.

Samuel Sackett (1824-1902) loved in Montowese. Photo. Diaries May 10, 1845, to December 20, 1854. Typed, in a notebook, 150 pages.

Key words: Current national and local events, vital statistics, rhyming poetry, a sense of humor.

Eunice [Smith] Lyon (1836-1897) lived in Montowese. Diary 1865, was a minister’s wife. A memorial biography was printed.

Gardner Ellsworth Austin (1874-1895) lived on Montowese Avenue. Diary 1891 and 1892, 53 pages typed.

Key words: Teenager’s accounts of farming, family visitors.

Austin, who was disabled, was studying for a law career. (notes of chores from 1891 diary.)

Ernest/ E.A. Brockett of Northford and Outer Ridge Road. Diaries 1888, 1924, farm accounts.

Emma Brockseiper (1861-1935) of Quinnipiac Avenue, Montowese.  25 Diaries from 1909-1934 (some may be those of her sister Anne or Adele.)

Edith Smith of Bishop Street, Center. 30 Diaries, 1902-1954.

Key words: Homemakers accounts, social events, relatives, shopping, Merritt Turnpike, buildings, World War I and II accounts, World War II event summary, marriages, deaths, births.

Raymond Wooding (1908-1991) of Upper State Street. 35 diaries, 1946-1982.

Key words: Farming and seasonal chores, trapping and gaming, local events.

Originally Compiled by Gloria Furnival