2016 Annual Meeting

The Agenda for the 2016 Annual Business Meeting includes:

  1. Reports and updates – Society news.
  2. Voting on a name revision: North Haven Historical Society and Museums. This change better reflects the various areas in which we are engaged. The Historical Society currently maintains an archive and a museum at the Cultural Center on Broadway, but also is responsible for the management of the Martha Culver house and the Brockett museum of farm implements. Adding ‘museum’ to our name will reflect our total mission and responsibilities, as well as making our activities and interests more obvious to the public and to entities from whom we might request grant funding.
  3. By-laws addition: Proposed is an additional clause which will outline the disposition of the organization’s holdings and assets should the organization disband. The wording will indicate that, should such a circumstance occur, the organization will dispose of all assets to another non-profit fund, foundation, or corporations with similar purposes and which qualifies as a tax exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code. This is standard language for any organization to avoid complications in the unlikely event that such a dissolution occurs.
  4. Approval of a Strategic Plan: In order to better plan for the future and inform members of the organization’s needs in order for it to continue and to grow, members of the Board of Directors crafted a document that outlines both our strengths and challenges. Please review the Strategic Plan_Draft document and consider the ways in which you can join in to help the organization grow.